Keeping up with Hollywood

Have you ever heard the saying, “a picture is worth thousand words?” Well, that saying doesn’t only apply to good photos. When you think of fame you may think of the glam, the red carpet events, the limousines and butlers. However, fame has an ugly side. I want to dive into the phrase, “personal branding.” This is something you’ll hear me talk about a lot in my posts from here on out.

paparazziI am not a celebrity. I am a student blogger who likes to put my opinions out there for the world to see. That is part of my personal brand, being a blogger. You have only seen a couple of photos of me in my blog, but if you saw me in person there is a 95% chance you wouldn’t recognize me. If I were a celebrity, you would of heard about my messy break-up or my steamy hookup yesterday. How would you like to have your problems and misfortunes plastered all over for the world to see? That doesn’t sound so glamorous, does it?

Celebrities are known to live “not-so normal” lives. Nothing is private in the life of a celebrity. This is also something that is part of their personal brand, living their “not-so ordinary” lives. I would describe Oprah Winfrey’s personal brand as classy, conversational, ground-breaking talk show host. This is how she wants to be portrayed in the public, however, paparazzi can catch her at any given time perhaps saying a curse word, and now she can be framed as a woman who lacks class.

After taking many public relations courses and learning about personal branding, it is safe to say that not all celebrities can defend their personal brand. Paparazzi can catch a celebrity in their most vulnerable state. Like I said about Oprah, a person’s brand may be a that they are prim and proper, but the pictures paparazzi snap can illustrate them as trashy or lazy, just because they are out in their sweatpants at the local grocery store. Many celebrities have PR representatives that will help maintain their personal brand and shed positive light onto it. And when they are caught in these negative situations or deceiving tabloids, their PR team will help to promote their better-known brand.

I hope that helped you understand personal branding a little bit. I will dig deeper into the meaning throughout the next few weeks. See you next time!




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