PR’s significance in the Music Industry

We can probably all agree that we all know who Britney Spears is. She is one of the most famous artists to walk the Earth. Her career began on the Mickey Mouse Club and being recognized by agents. Many other artists start out performing at local bars and hoping a record label picks them up. I ask myself though, what sets some artists apart from others? Why do some artists make it big while others struggle for decades to rise to fame? Well, it’s simple. PR generates music careers and without a PR team, you may never make it big.

Spears performing at a concert in early 2000s.

All musicians need a great PR and publicity team behind them. According to Journalistics, “The publicity team at a record label is the tight-knit teams of smart, savvy, creative individuals who help create, and build an image of an artist…the main factor of the publicity team is to always keep the artist’s fans, asking and wanting more of the artist.” An artist’s PR and publicity team is in charge of the artists’s image and how they are seen by the public. Think about all the hottest artists like Taylor Swift and Kanye West, they both have an exceptional public relations team and get major publicity because they dominate the media.

These teams are also responsible for maintaining the superstars personal brand. Madonna usually displays raw sexuality and emotion in her music videos, while Taylor Swift is more innocent and fun-loving in hers. Kanye West has a “I don’t give a sh*t” attitude, while John Legend has a more gentle and “feel good” personal brand. And these stars don’t just determine their personal brand themselves, they get major help from their publicity team. You want to stay true to yourself, but they also want to give the fans what they want to maintain their fame.

In conclusion, public relations and publicity can transform an ordinary musician to a musical legend. All the artists I mentioned above are people that have very powerful personal brands. Next week I’m going to talk more about personal branding and what it means to us as aspiring PR professionals.



PR is Essential in the Music Industry




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