Wrapping it up- How to stand out in PR

These last ten weeks have been so eye-opening. As an aspiring journalist, it is great to go back and read some of my blogs and soak in all the knowledge I have blogged about. This is my last blog for awhile, so I thought it would only be appropriate to wrap things up and talk about what makes an individual stand out in the competitive PR world.

The first thing is to be creative. You will most likely start out doing a lot of log writing, which is writing blogs, social media posts, press releases and pitches. Any PR applicant can write a press release, so make yours unique and effective. Think outside the box and use different tactics to execute your plan.

Also, demonstrate independent thinking. This is huge. Showcase something you have done that is out of the ordinary, instead of just displaying your resume and portfolio. Maybe something you thought of all your own without being told to do it. This means you’ll have to push yourself out of your comfort zone and rise to the occasion, but it will be worth it.

stand_out_from_the_crowd1Be innovative. This is important to remember because times and technology are constantly changing and getting revamped. You need to be willing to come up with fresh ideas for a client, that are also original and advanced. With social media and public relations strategies changing every day, you always need to be one step ahead of it.

Lastly, like I have said in almost every blog post, be confident. You cannot and should not display work that you are not proud of. Your talent is going to be what really makes you stand out in a sea full of PR applicants, and confidence is something you can almost smell on someone. If your confidence is not there while you are applying, your employer will see right through it. No firm wants to hire someone who isn’t satisfied with the work they have produced. With that being said, the phrase, “fake it until you make it” has never been more appropriate. It really does work.

That concludes my last post for the term. I will continue to write in this blog in the coming months and I hope these tips, lessons, and stories have helped you as you spread your wings in the PR world. Please comment below if you have any questions for me. Talk to you soon!





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