About Me

Hi, my name is Megan Moran!

11127873_10206303523566244_1739130083058704479_nI am extremely passionate about broadcast journalism and I am a proud Oregon native. I’m currently immersed in my last year at the University of Oregon and my expected graduation date is December 2016 with a Public Relations degree.

My experiences in the professional world and at school have given me the ability to evolve my communication and writing skills. In summer 2015, I had an internship with a country radio station in Portland and was offered a job immediately following my internship. My work ethic, charisma and determination is something I pride myself on and is demonstrated in everything I do. In addition to radio, I am an award-winning reporter and anchor for our student-run television program here on campus called, “DuckTV.”

In December 2015, I was chosen from a committee to be in the University of Oregon’s National Leadership and Society Chapter that only eight-hundred students get invited to be apart of. Being part of this elite society will expand my knowledge on leadership and make an impact on others in both my professional and personal world.

Following graduation, I plan to continue my career in radio and I have goals to expand my horizons in the broadcast journalism world while incorporating public relation strategies into my every day life as a professional.

Please feel free to comment with questions or opinions on my blog posts. For more information about me, visit my LinkedIn or email me at moran.megan12@gmail.com.


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